Building inclusive community with sex workers since 2012

workshops & trainings based on group request

Workshops & Training for Sex Workers - Current & Former

Meeting since 2012 - all sex workers welcome

Developed by sex workers for sex workers. With a sex work posite framework.

Honorariums provided

Workshops for Non-Sex Work Service Providers & Organizations

Workshops provided regularly since 2012

Developed within a sex work positive framework by sex workers for sex workers.

Meeting 1 or 2 times monthly

Support Groups - starting again in 2019

meeting since 2012

Sex worker facilitated for sex workers within a harm reduction and sex positive framework.

working throughout Sudbury

Outreach - coming soon

Sex workers providing services within sex working community

From condoms to bad date warnings 

Would you like to train with us?

We have presented to many community involved organizations and institutions. If you are seeking sex work knowledge, policy development to be inclusive to the needs of women in sex work, more information on how you can do more to support local sex work community, SWANS will present based on your organizational mandates centered around women's safety and inclusion.

Our latest media

SWANS host the final stop in Sexual Assault: The Roadshow | Posted: Nov 25, 2018
Interactive art exhibit held on the International Day to End Violence Against Women

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Artwork to provoke discussion

The Sudbury Star | Published: November 15, 2018
A shipping container filled with thought-provoking artwork is ending its three-year province wide tour in Sudbury.

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Meet an artist who is fighting her past sexual abuse through art

CBC News | Posted: Nov 16, 2018
Installation helps sexual abuse victims, like Marie Annette Pollock, to reclaim their voice

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